Meet Laura

My name is Laura Fraser Hardy and I am the Labor candidate for Bonner.

I am the daughter of Indian migrants whose parents chose to move to Australia because they wanted a better life for their family. Because of that journey, my mother was able to access the education and health care that they could only have dreamed of in India.

My way of shaping the future for my family is to represent the people of Bonner in our Federal Parliament to ensure that we do all that we can to make sure our children have a future that is bright, safe and happy. 

As a working mum, I understand the pressures faced by local families. I understand how important services, particularly health and education, are to the community. I'm committed to building a future here for my family and am passionate about delivering for the people of Bonner. 


That's why I'm committed to putting Bonner first.

We'll Put People First.

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